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2017年  創立全球貢學計劃

2023年  南加大馬歇爾商學院畢業

2023年05月 就讀研究所

To contribute what has been learned
To learn what needs to be learne


Global Devotion Association (GDA, Taiwan), founded in 2017 by Ching Yu Chen, who graduated from USC in 2023, has been dedicated to cultural conservation and hopes to provide volunteer opportunities for Taiwanese students to exercise meaningful actions–giving back to society through exchanging cultural experiences and helping minority groups.

Motivation & Mission

Encourage young volunteers to experience and participate different cultural and lifestyle to understand the history and differences within Taiwan, hoping to develop students’ interests and appreciation in the diversity and uniqueness of Taiwan. Foster long-term relationships across Taiwan by connecting students to volunteer with different cultural and social communities, allowing students to learn while giving back to the communities. Introduce and promote Taiwan’s diverse aboriginal groups to the world, hoping to conserve these precious cultures through volunteer services and cultural exchange activities held by young volunteers.




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